Fitting Guide

The fit is important, here's how to get it right

Fitting Guide


Fitting tip from Howie

Please note, all measurements must be taken whilst standing straight, looking forward and with your feet together.

If you have worn a traditional 8 yard military style kilt, you will be aware it should sit above the hips and as firm as possible.


The 21st Century Kilts fit is different

We go no higher than the hip-bone and recommend the measurement is too the top/mid knee maximum. This is so, when the kilt is worn loose and off the hip, it does not become too long. Most 21st Century Kilt wearers, wear the kilt slightly off the hip, even for formal.

The WAIST measurement should be taken in-line with your hip bones, firm but not tight. It should work out similar to your trouser size, although can often be more on a larger man, and less on a slimmer man…

The SEAT measurement should be taken around the widest part of your hips (bum).

The LENGTH measurement should be taken from the top of the hip bone (maximum, this would be in-line with the navel). Find the top of the knee cap, you should be able to push in, take it just a little past.

TIP — The kilt length is generally about a third of the mans overall height. e.g. 6ft = 72inches. A third of this is 24 and would be generally about right. It should not be more than a third for the hipster fit.


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